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Med Spas

Medical Spas, Anti-Aging Clinics and Alternative Medical Practices are one of the fastest growing areas of medicine today. With the boom in the "medi-spas" and other clinics focusing on anti-aging and longevity medicine, more and more physicians are adding the procedures to their multi-specialty practice or opening a separate medical spa, anti-aging clinic or wellness center.

While there has been tremendous growth within this practice area, the standard malpractice insurance carriers will not cover many of the procedures performed. It is, however, essential for physicians to protect themselves, their practice and their assets with the right insurance coverage. Professional Liability Solutions is the premier partner for physicians who focus on this area of medicine. We have access to all the markets covering the procedures offered in medical spas, anti-aging clinics and wellness centers.  

We are seeking medical specialty association partners to develop customized programs for. In all that we do, we work on behalf of our healthcare professional clients.    

Working with leading insurance companies, we are able to insure all aspects of your aesthetic, anti-aging, wellness and/or alternative medical practice.  Here is a sample of the procedures that we can get covered:

  • Anti-Aging medicine, including BHRT hormone replacement therapy
  • Mesotherapy & Lipodissolve
  • HCG Medical Weight Loss
  • Nutrition, Weight reduction & Bariatrics
  • Pain Management
  • Botox, Restylane, Collagen & other injectables
  • Laser hair removal / IPL
  • Laser skin services
  • Chemical peels
  • Smart Lipo/Vaser Lipo/BodySculpture
  • Hair restoration / transplant
  • Chelation therapy
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Acupuncture
  • Prolotherapy
  • Stem Cells

Because securing proper coverage for a med spa can be tricky, many physicians have more questions than answers when it comes to insurance.  To read the frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs section.

To apply for your medical spa / anti-aging professional liability insurance, click here to download and complete an application today.

Contact one of our spa specialists today at 800-372-3268 via phone or for a free consultation of your needs.  After collecting some information from you, we will be able to provide you with several medi-spa malpractice insurance quotes. 

Examples of recently written Med Spa Liability Policies that Professional Liability Solutions secured on behalf of its clients...
  • An aesthetic and anti-aging medical spa practice in Colorado that performs bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), chelation therapy and pain management secured a policy including retroactive coverage for $1,000,000 per claim limit of liability for an annual premium of $8,231.

  • An large anti-aging clinic in Connecticut with three M.D.s performing aesthetic procedures and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy received a policy with limits of $500,000 per claim limit of liabiity for an annual premium of $12,868

  • Skin care focused Med Spa in Nevada with 4 RNs' and NP's performing laser skin, peels and permanent makeup with a $1,000,000 per claim limit of liability for an annual premium of $4,084.   
  • Is your practice covered correctly?  Contact us today to find out.



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