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Recent comments and letters from our clients...

"Thanks again for your excellent help and expertise.  I had spoken with several brokers before talking to you and, frankly, they really had no grasp of what I was doing and what my needs were.  Your expertise and familiarity with my issues made me confident I had found the right person to help.  I will gladly recommend you to others seeking coverage for their business/practices."
    ~ Dr. Phillip A., Georgia

"Over the past three weeks you have has successfully found me a policy and gone to great lengths to help the policy come to life. I cannot tell you how kind, professional, flexible, and diligent you have been in assisting me, Beginning the process somewhat frantic and desperate, your expert skills turned my overwhelming problem into an easy solution."
    ~ Dr. Steven T. , North Carolina

"Your online per diem insurance was fast and easy! I was surprised to even see such a product available. I am now able to procure quality and affordable coverage for my moonlighting work and not have to overpay "
    ~ Stacey R. CRNA, Missouri

"I can't thank you enough for all your efforts in this very important matter to me.  You are a very deserving person in my book.  Every once in a while you come across someone who is willing to go the extra mile no matter what.  I've witnessed these people in all facets of my life.  From the moment you answered the phone for my inquiry, I instinctively knew I found another person who really tries his best and cares.  People like you make all the difference.  Again, thank you so very much for all your work."
    ~ Eric F., CRNA, California

"Working with you has been a such a great experience.  I enjoy talking to you, as you explain everything clearly and succinctly.  You help me understand the ins and outs of professional liability insurance and explain the implications of various coverages.  This has truly been an educational process!  Thanks for all you have done!"
    ~ John K., Anti-Aging Centers, Florida

"We switched to working with Professional Liability Solutions in 2003 and have been happy ever since.  Not only did you help us step-by-step through the renewal process, you knew exactly what we wanted and was very understanding of our needs.  You have been very thorough, caring and knowledgeable since our introduction.  I would recommend Professional Liability Solutions to anyone."
    ~ Diana B., Locum Tenens Staffing Co., Texas

" I contacted Professional Liability Solutions after being non-renewed from my admitted insurance company. They were able to cover me and have reduced my premium every year since. I have been working with the same agent since 2002. 
   Catherine S. CRNA, Texas





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